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Are Website Builders A Bad Idea? Depends of what you are expecting from your website.

About Website Builders: We take pride in creating custom professional designed websites according to the needs of each client. No two websites look alike, which is the purpose and flexibility provided by professional Website Designers. Consider your website as a bill-board advertisement which will be the greatest return for your promotional dollars.

In building professional customized websites, we have difficulty understanding the concept of Do It Yourself (DIY) on-line builder websites and their lack of flexibility, creativity and promotional results site builderprovided in their end-products. To use one of these out-of-box website builders is like offering your online clients limited generic products vs. brand name professionally designed one-of-a-kind products. With custom designed websites, one size does not fit all, they are unique – like your business!

We are often contacted by new clients calling us after becoming frustrated from trying out the DIY website providers. The learning curve, lack of time and poor design add to their frustrations. Bangor Connections makes it a point to involve our clients throughout the process of creating their website ensuring they are satisfied with the end product.

Always remember: You get what you pay for. A free website may sound attractive, but a professional web designer will not only provide a professional and unique design for your business, they will also make sure your site is SEO Optimized. This includes more than just adding keywords and meta-tag descriptions. A site that is optimized for SEO, has many other facets that only a professional web designer can do for you.

That single benefit of providing a “free website builder” is actually costing you more in lost revenues due to its weakness in Search Engine Optimization.

If your phone never rings because nobody can find you online, then what is the point? Having a website is not only owning a domain name – it is to make sure that it will help your business through its promotion online. If your free site builder cannot do that then what happens to your “Business” online? NOTHING but frustration!!! Unless one enters the exact URL of your site (domain name) nobody will never find you.

It is our job – professional website designers – to stay up to date with the latest Google SEO news like Panda and Penguin that ruined so many online businesses few years ago – how to react to it and what to do about it – so we can ensure that, by using the latest SEO technology, your website will be found by the search engines for any search that are relevant to your business and will bring you the potential clients you deserve.

We submit your site to the search engines – we submit your sitemap to Google – we set up your analytics and much more … this is all part of our job. No website builder will do that for your business. You are on your own.

To be fair and make sure you are informed, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of DIY on-line builder websites, then you can decide what is best for you and your online needs.

What Is A DIY Website Builder?
A DIY website builder is a program (software) that is available online. The website builder system will ask you to sign-up using your email address. You will then have access to free or premium templates and will be able to begin adding text, images, videos into your (site builder) website.

There are several DIY website builders available online. Although most of them offer you free services, functions will be limited. If you wish to upgrade, you will need to subscribe at a price to available plans in order to access more advanced features (unlimited pages, plugins or apps and eCommerce).

Advantages | Disadvantages
At present, there are DIY website builders available to help you build your own website or if you don’t have the time, you can hire a Web designer. The information below will help you become aware of financial and technical skills that are needed depending on your choices. Being aware of the benefits and drawbacks of DIY and custom designed websites will help you make an informed decision that’s right for you, your business, and your budget.

Advantages of DIY

  • Technical skills needed may vary from none, minimal or complex depending on your choice of DIY website.
  • Again, depending on your DIY selection, prices range from free to up to $200+ depending on your
    particular website needs.
  • Often includes, free integrated hosting; conditions may apply.
  • Access to commercial (versus custom) design themes and plug-ins; will depend on plan selected.
  • Easy setup if you are comfortable with computers.
  • If you don’t get too fancy, you won’t have to call a web designer.

 Disadvantages of DIY

  • NO GOOD SEO RESULTS:  Your site will not be found by the search engines because no search engine
    optimization work has been done.
  • Poor design – your website IS your business online – your business will be judged by the quality of your
    website. A poor, cheap looking design will remove any chance of getting new leads or new clients through
    your online presence.
  • Advanced functionality is limited to number of plugins available in the website builder program.
  • The drag-and-drop site builders may not be quite as user-friendly as claimed and errors can be costly.
  • Some DIY website building tools or your own domain name may be free with the condition prominent
    banner ads on your website of the DYI for the particular company you choose for your DIY website.
  • Extras like eCommerce are only available with the highest-priced options, and though hosting is included,
    storage and bandwidth (how many files your site can house, and how fast it performs) are limited on most
  • Limited number of commercial templates. Risk having your website look like 10,000 others out there.
  • Time consuming for you – increased workload and in some cases serious learning curve
  • Depending on the size and needs, there is potential for the DIY to be very inefficient
  • Decreased level of control, limited expandability and lack of customization limiting creativity and
    uniqueness of your website

Bottom Line
If you’re thinking about leaning towards DIY route for your business website, there’s one important factor to consider in website builders’ pricing plans… that factor is your time. If you are already have skills with computers building your own site might be pretty effortless. But if you are like most small business people, there’s going to be a learning curve. And remember, to create a truly “stand-out” website that will attract your potential clients while boosting your bottom line will take more than a “few minutes”.

If you’re weighing the costs of DIY website builder vs. hiring a web designer, don’t forget to put a dollar amount on your time in building the site. However, if your plan is to build a simple, informational website that will serve mainly as a professional business card, site builders may be what you need. But if your ambitions go beyond the average DIY website builder’s, it would be advantageous to hire a professional website designer.

If you built a website for your business using any of the free web site builders witch includes hosting – PLEASE Google your business + town, you will see where you come up on the Search Engines. First page on Google? Nope – Second page? Nope – keep looking… Unless you have a tiny, very unique niche, you will not find any websites on Google 1st page Search Engine results that were built with a free site builder!

Conclusion? Yes, it’s free – but what’s the point to have a website for your business that nobody can find?

Here is nothing new here: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!

You just need 1 or 2 pages for your own clients that already know you and your products? Then yes, go with a site builder.

You need a professional website for you business with the purpose of growing your business, get new leads and new clients? Then go with a professional web design company. If your website is poorly built, your visitors – if they can find it – will judge your business through your website and not in a good way – a turn off.

If your website looks professional, then they will take your business seriously and give you a call.

As simple as that.

Good luck with your endeavour!

Oh… by the way.. we also offer a free site builder with our hosting plans!

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