What is included:
A high quality, professionally custom designed website and 2 hours/month of free training so you will be able to manage your own website, 24/7 support, security installed on your new website, maintenance.

Once you have selected your Monthly Package, we will work with you through the creative process: design, layout, content and we will give you a customized, unique design that will put your business on top of the competition. Your monthly payment will remain the same throughout the 18 month plan.

website Design Monthly Packages, Monthly Plan
At the end of 18 month plan, you will have the option to continue month-to-month, or renew for another 18 month and you will receive a brand new updated website with transfer of your content at no additional fee. Internet technology and web design style and navigation. If visitors consider a website outdated, they might conclude that the company’s services are outdated as well. That’s not good for business. For example: If you have a website older than two years, chances are that it’s not responsive and optimized for mobile devices, smart phones, tablets…

One of the main client’s concern is the constant need to redesign/update their website. This can involve major changes every couple of years and become quite costly. Unexpected plugins update or new scripts that can break the design or a sudden major security update that HAS to be done but that can cost you a lot of money if you have not signed up for a maintenance plan. With the Monthly Package, you don’t need to worry about any of those annoying technical fixes.

The Monthly package involve a lot of work for our company to set-up and maintain the website. Remember, approximately half of the monthly fee is applied towards covering upfront costs with the remaining amount going towards the set-up and maintenance of the website. Should you need to cancel before the end of the monthly agreement period (18 months), the buyout will depend of the number of payments you already made. If you change your mind and wish to cancel without buyout then we will simply shut your website down at no extra fee.

Terms & Conditions

  • All Monthly Packages have a 18 month term. You may renew for another 18 month and get a fresh new design for your website every 18 month.
  • Plans may be canceled anytime before the end of the term at a buyout cost. If you change your mind and wish to cancel without buyout then we will simply shut your website down at no extra fee.
  • All accounts on Monthly Plans must be set up as recurring payments through Paypal or on Pre-Authorized payments through your bank.
  • The Monthly Packages use WordPress, a well known content management system that will allow you to manage your own website through a user friendly admin interface.
  • The base html/css/php of the website is regularly updated.

If you choose to go with our one time flat fee website design packages we also offer very affordable maintenance plans that will keep your website and WordPress, security updates, plugins and core files always updated to the latest versions.